Quantum Stream: Michael Burke's Summer Art Project

At our request, Michael Burke has sent along a description of his latest art installation, designed for the Burke farm in Andover. Photographs of the project are included below. The second paragraph of the description--a tidbit about KB's "contemplation cage"--reminds us of Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Box.

Stay tuned!

Debra Hawhee
Happenings editor

Here's MB:
The installation ("Quantum Stream") is (was - I take them down for the winter as a group of sculptures were stolen a couple of years ago, and turned in for aluminum scrap at the local junk yard) a series of seven pieces running from just in back of the old New Jersey house, across the field (that KB originally cleared) and into the forest (had to cut a hole in the barberry). I call it "Quantum Stream" as it represents (be careful - here comes the art-speak) a beam of light made up of individual packets (Quanta). I'm fiddling with the conceit that each of the packets actually contains a different bit of information. Therefore each of the pieces contains some references to scientific theories -such as magnetism, transpiration/respiration, or the expansion rate of the universe.

I remember that KB had Anthony [Burke] build him a "contemplation cage" where he could sit outside and read. It was a large screened in box - about 10' by 10' by 8' high. It was theoretically to screen out the radiation (radio - etc.) that continually coursed through one's brain (doing what, I have no idea)—but I think keeping out mosquitoes was a significant sub-text. I wonder if my ray of light would have penetrated the contemplation cage?