Volume 7, Issue 2, Spring 2011

The Spring 2011 issue begins with an editorial from KB Journal editor Andy King, "Burke on the Persistence of Myth and Ritual." Features in this issue include Barton R. Horvath, “The Burke I Knew”; Gretchen K. G. Underwood, “From Form to Function: In Defense of an Internal Use of the Pentad”; William Cahill, “Always Keep Watching For Terms: Posthumous Interview With Kenneth Burke (Report of Six Visits with KB 1989-1990 in Andover New Jersey)”; William Cahill, “Cahill’s Photo Gallery: Pictures from the Interview”; Andrew Kidd, “Kenneth Burke and the Contemporary Philosophy of Science”; Rosemary Royston, “Positive Indemnification Through Being the ‘Occasional Asshole’: A Burkean analysis of Dear John by Poet Tony Hoagland.” This issue also includes articles by Ted Remington, “Ceci N’est Pas Une Guerre: The Misuse of War as Metaphor in Iraq”; Abram Anders, “Pragmatisms by Incongruity: ‘Equipment for Living from Kenneth Burke to Gilles Deleuze”; Brian O’Sullivan, “Crimes of Juxtaposition: Incongruous Frames in Sullivan’s Travels”; Stephanie Grey, “A Perfect Loathing: The Feminist Expulsion of the Eating Disorder”; William Cahill, “Kenneth Burke’s Pedagogy of Motives”; Drew M. Loewe, “‘Where Human Relations Grandly Converge’: The Constitutional Dialectic of Hizb ut-Tahrir”; Jeffrey Carroll, “The Song Above Catastrophe: Kenneth Burke on Music.” Additionally, there is a review of Mark A. Huglen and Basil B. Clark’s Poetic Healing: A Vietnam Veteran’s Journey from a Communication Perspective and a Scholar’s Note from Mary Hedengren.