Volume 3, Issue 2, Spring 2007

The Spring 2007 issue of KB Journal features new review essays by Richard Thames ("The Gordian Not: Untangling the Motivorum") and Robert Wess ("Looking for the Figure in the Carpet of the Symbolic of Motives"), on the occasion of the recent publication of Burke's Essays Toward a Symbolic of Motives, 1950-1955. Clarke Rountree announces that we have added Premium Content for KBS Members. KB Journal readers may now join the Kenneth Burke Society online and pay their dues (and keep them up-to-date) through PayPal. Active KB Society members gain access to premium bibliographies, publisher discounts, and more. In "Burke by the Numbers: Observations on Nine Decades of Scholarship on Burke" Clarke Rountree also introduces a significantly updated series of bibliographical resources on Burke available to active members of the Kenneth Burke Society. In our Happenings section, learn more about Michael Burke's sculpture exhibits and the site of the 2008 Triennial Meeting of the Kenneth Burke Society. James P. Zappen, S. Michael Halloran, and Scott A. Wible also contribute "Some Notes on "Ad bellum purificandum," a speculative essay on the origins of the phrase that uses clues from images of graffiti above a window frame in Burke's personal library.

Issue 3.2 also features reviews essays by David Beard, “I Shall, with the Greatest of Ease and Friendliness, Scour You from the Earth”: Yvor Winters on Kenneth Burke, and Ryan Weber, Taking Burke Public: Perspectives on Burke's Connection Between Language and Public Action. Bjørn F. Stillion reviews “From the Plaint to the Comic: Kenneth Burke’s Towards a Better Life,” by Krista K. Betts Van Dyck and Paul Casey reviews Democracy and America’s War on Terror, by Robert L. Ivie.