BurkeShop Mini-Conference at CCCC 2016

The Kenneth Burke Society will host a "BurkeShop" Mini-Conference during a Special Interest Group meeting during the upcoming Conference on College Composition and Communication Convention on Thursday, April 7, 2016 in Houston, Texas.

Time and Place: Thursday, April 7 at 6:30-7:20 PM, Hilton Room 336B, Level Three, Hilton of the Americas, Houston, TX. All presenters and attendees must register for the CCCC Convention (instructions located here:

Program of Presentations

EVENT: March 31, 2016

Kenneth Burke Lecture held on March 31, 2016!!!!

Mary E. Stuckey, director of graduate studies in the Georgia State University Department of Communication, is delivering the 2016 Kenneth Burke Lecture at 4pm on Thursday, March 31, in the Life Sciences Building Auditorium at Pennsylvania State University.

Stuckey is focusing her dialogue on the "use of anger as a tactic for political candidates." I LOVE how there is so much text going around right now regarding the election, and Kenneth Burke IS IN THE MIDDLE OF ALL OF IT!

Great stuff out there you guys.

Walt Whitman Rostow: Marx with a Happy Ending

Kenneth Burke is cited in an article discussing Marxism.

The blog of the U.S. Intellectual History posted an article on Feb. 17, entitled, "Walt Whitman Rostow: Marx with a Happy (American) Ending." The article discusses Marxism as "taboo," and provides an in-depth history to the paradox of Marxism in America. It is of little surprise that Kenneth Burke is cited and noted in his opinions regarding Marxism. The worth the read article is found here.

Kenneth Burke, Feminism, and the Election Season

Burkeology is used to analyze feminist stereotypes of the upcoming election

On the Feb. 19th article post on the literary blog, "The Silver Tongue," scholar Maggie Goss pens a text entitled, "3 assumptions to avoid making about Women this Election Season." In the article she focuses on three assumptions most people make about women and their relationship to the general election, most notably Hilary Clinton.

Stylus poetry blog connection to Kenneth Burke

W.C. Williams poetry analyzed with burkeology

Scholar Tarpley Hitt posted an article on February 18, to the blog entitled, "Stylus. The poetry room blog."

The article, entitled, "Our skill sometimes to record it: On W.C. Williams' Debut of "The Desert Music" analyzes Williams' poetry taken into song. The song was recorded at Kenneth Burke's home, clearly these two were allies. The analysis follows burkeology theory, which is quite intriguing and can be found here.

Burke's Parlor

A personal blog chronicles a focus on communication, heavily referencing Burkeology

A personal blog entitled, "thegoldengatebridgette," published a post on February 9th entitled, "Day Three." This refers to her personal efforts to focus on reading, writing, and communication and to improve her cognitive behaviors every day for 30 days, and to blog the progress. "Day Three" opens with a reflection on Kenneth Burke's famous quote regarding entering a conversation in a parlor and gaining the intel to be able to take part in the conversation.

Reflective Essay includes Kenneth Burke

Authentic Author Blogs Kenneth Burke

Author Elizabeth A. Roberts, on her personal blog, posted on February 8, an article entitle, "Why I like to Write... Thoughts about my past." She opens by reflecting on her doctoral studies, mentioning her heavy focus on Kenneth Burke and him being her main inspiration for writing. Her writing would be interesting to follow, as it will most likely reflect heavy Burkeology.

Her blog can be found here.

Semiotic of Kenneth Burke

A Personal Blog heavily discusses and debates the Semiotic of Kenneth Burke

A controversial blog entitled, "Soul Searching or Just looking for Fights" definitely means it's title literally when posting argumentative topics. This week, their article heavily focuses on reading Richard Fiordo and his debate on Kenneth Burke's Semiotic.

The article can be found here.

The feminist heroes of our time

A Second Article from the blog above compares Female Characters in films and novels to Kenneth Burke Ideology

Dr. Coulardeau posts a second article on the same day (February 2nd) that gives detailed book reviews on several books, challenging the role of women in our society. The article is meaty, concluding in debating the film heroines of our time, and debating the common traits and qualities exhibited in each of them.

The end of the article references Kenneth Burke, bringing it full circle with referencing his "Grammar of Motives."

The Rhetoric of Trump's Battle

Scholarly blog compares Burkeology to the current Presidential Race

Ok- so this blog update is from January 11, but I found it today and I couldn't resist sharing, it's THAT good. Scholar Cody A. Jackson writes an in depth article for the Silver Tongue Times blog, entitled, "The Rhetoric of Trump's Battle." He opens with Burke's essay, "The Rhetoric of Hitler's Battle," and then pulls from the essay as a source to compare the similarities of Donald Trump's political strategies. These are pretty bold claims, and I highly recommend the read, regardless of political affiliation.

Best Graduate Student Paper Award

Graduate Student draws upon Kenneth Burke ideology to win Prestigious Award

On February 4, Simon Fraser University's School of Communication announced on their website, that student Shivaun Corry has been awarded the title of Best Graduate Student Paper of the Year. She was awarded at the University of Victoria, her paper entitled, "Burke, Re-covenanting, and the Apology for the Residential Schools."

Want to Get Rich? Read Fiction

A Unique blog post ties Literary Novelists into Economy

On January 30, Jeremy Olshan published an article entitled, "Want to Get Rich? Read Fiction." The blog is entitled, "MW Market Watch," and focuses on topics of personal finance, spending and saving, and the economy as a whole. The featured article is personal, yet factual, and you can tell Jeremy has done his research on connected financial success with tools we find in literary classics.

Referencing Kenneth Burke could arguably be his thesis, when he quotes Burke, "Fiction provides us equipment for living."

Susan Sontag Biography Update updates Biographies to reveal a personal connection to Kenneth Burke

On January 29, updated their bio pages to include more in depth facts about the artists featured. Susan Sontag was noted to be an American writer and filmmaker, theorist, and literary icon. In her biography, a personal affiliation with Kenneth Burke is noted, showing her educated reactions to Burke ideology.

The page, as well as links to her work, can be found here.

What we Talk About when we Talk About Orientation

Graduate Student at the University of Nebraska references Kenneth Burke in New Blog Post

In a blog entitled, "Watershed," graduate student Katie McWain posts an article entitled, "What we Talk About when we Talk about Orientation," on January 25.

In it, she addresses orientation, our bearings as human beings, sexual orientation, and other definitions the word "orientation" could be used. As she keeps relating back and back, she eventually goes to the drawing board for orientation, which is the base words of Kenneth Burke.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Analysis

PhD student references Kenneth Burke in her unique movie review.

In her January 24th post on her blog, Emma Bloomfield, a communication scholar and PhD student, gives a movie review to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. She gives background as to where this story comes from (it's based off a book, that was also based off a book (leading back to the Jane Austen original of course)). What's interesting here, is that when the analysis gets going, she ends up connecting Jane Austen to Kenneth Burke.