The Weaver Plagiarism Story

I am trying to substantiate the details surrounding Richard Weaver&;s plagiarism of Burke.  As I understand it, once while Burke gave a lecture, Weaver sat in the audience busily taking notes.  Within a year later, Weaver published some of Burke&;s ideas without giving him credit--I want to say the publication was The Ethics of Rhetoric, but he may have plagiarised in a journal article as well.  Burke supposedly complained that not only did Weaver copy him, he did got it wrong.  However, I have been unable to find record of this latter comment from Burke.  The best account I have been able to find of this has been in a Southern Journal of Communication article by Richard Johannesen (1987), which is more favorable toward Weaver.  Johannesen ends the article by quoting from his personal correspondence with Burke, in which Burke stated he had no comment to make on Weaver.

I was just wondering where this story originated.  Did Burke tell it at conferences?  Is there record of it somewhere?  Or is it merely an urban legend that keeps circulating?

Any information you could provide would be phenomenal.

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