KB: A Conversation with Kenneth Burke


Running Time: 15 minutes
Format: DVD

Critic, philosopher, scholar, poet, and writer—Kenneth Burke is a maverick thinker who was never been constrained by categories. From the 1920s to the 1980s, Burke produced a body of work that is challenging, controversial, and insightful. A Critic in the broadest sense of the word, his theories begin with the recognition that “all living things are critics.”

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Three Short Film Adaptations

"Parabolic Tale, with Invocation," The Excursion," and "Scherzando"

Jimmy Butts, Wake Forest University


I have become increasingly interested in the process of adapting literature to the screen. Short stories represent a particular kind of medium that I find attractive in the age of new media, because they’re quickly taken in, but also manageable in the space of an hour long class discussion. Even so, Kenneth Burke’s short stories still remain largely unread—even by Burke scholars—and so I wanted to give them a broader audience by shifting them into another medium.